Outokumpu bewertet Optionen für den Bau eines neuen Schlackenofens in Tornio, Finnland

Tornio, Finnland, 30. September 2019:

Outokumpu assesses options to build a new slag furnace in Tornio, Finland

Outokumpu is assessing options to build a new slag furnace in Tornio, Finland, and the company has initiated an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure as basis for decision making. The prerequisites for realizing the project, details of the planned slag furnace and its technical execution as well as potential financing alternatives will be specified during the planning process.
The planned unique production facility would produce ferrochrome-nickel (FeCrNi) alloy from slag and side streams primarily from production processes in Tornio. The slag furnace would enable efficient utilization of various side streams, which would improve resource efficiency of Outokumpu’s production significantly. The new slag furnace would be the most energy-efficient ferrochrome-nickel alloy producer in the world, as energy consumption in the new facility would be 30 per cent lower than in the current ferrochrome production processes enabled by the new metallurgical process invented by Outokumpu. Furthermore, the new facility would strengthen Outokumpu’s competitiveness in the global ferrochrome market.
The final decision regarding the new facility will be made at the earliest during 2020. In addition to the results of the EIA and environmental permit processes, the final investment decision will be subject to the development of the global economy and the stainless steel markets and their outlook, as well as the availability of financing and potential investment subsidies. The estimated construction time of the new facility is approximately two years.
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