Online Seminar / Live Stream "Stainless Steels"

Termin: 01.06.23  bis  02.06.23

Stainless steel is a material that is used for an ever-increasing range of applications due to its diverse properties. Not only the corrosion resistance but also the hygienic or aesthetic aspects lead to an increased use of the material in a wide variety of fields of application. This seminar is intended to help the user to better understand the material, to choose the right stainless steel for his project, to get to know the appropriate processing techniques and to avoid errors in processing.

•  Production routes of stainless steels and history of stainless steel
•    Basic metallurgy of stainless steels
•    Chemical resistance of stainless steels
•    Standards and codes, designations
•    Groups of stainless steel and their properties
•    Duplex steels
•    Manufacturing of stainless steels
•    Surface properties
•    Applications of stainless steels

Prof. Dr. Thomas Ladwein

Steel Academy, Mr Stefan Eigen, Steel Institute VDEh, Sohnstraße 65, 40237 Düsseldorf, Germany

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