Wor­king with Stain­less Steel

(Mate­ri­als and App­li­ca­ti­ons Series Vol. 2)

The stain­less steels: The forms of cor­ro­sion, The stain­less steel family, Choice of a stain­less grade, Heat tre­at­ment, Com­mer­ci­ally avail­able stain­less steel pro­ducts; Wor­king with stain­less steels: Cut­ting – Ther­mal cut­ting, Machi­ning, Cold for­ming, Hot for­ming; Joi­ning ope­ra­ti­ons: Wel­ding, Bra­zing and sol­de­ring, Adhe­sive bon­d­ing, Mecha­ni­cal joi­ning; Sur­face con­di­tion: Cha­rac­te­ri­sa­tion of the sur­face, Sur­face pre­pa­ra­tion and tre­at­ments; Tes­ting and inspec­tion: Metall­ur­gi­cal tes­ting and inspec­tion, Mecha­ni­cal tes­ting; Appen­di­ces

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