The Wel­ding of Stain­less Steels

(Mate­ri­als and App­li­ca­ti­ons Series, Vol. 3)

Gene­ral infor­ma­tion on stain­less steel; Stain­less steel wel­ding pro­ces­ses; Weld­a­bi­lity of stain­less steel; Selec­ting shiel­ding gases for wel­ding stain­less steel; Selec­ting wel­ding con­su­ma­bles for wel­ding stain­less steel; Joint pre­pa­ra­tion in Arc Wel­ding; Finis­hing tre­at­ment for welds; Safe prac­tices; Glossary: terms and defi­ni­ti­ons

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