The For­ming Poten­tial of Stain­less Steel

(Mate­ri­als and App­li­ca­ti­ons Series, Vol. 8)

Mecha­ni­cal pro­per­ties; For­ming poten­tial; Sur­face finish; Hydro­for­med nodes for auto­mo­tive fra­mes; Hygie­nic design through seam­less sur­faces; Pump effi­ci­ency through hydro­for­med casings; Metal spin­ning for exclu­sive designs; Decora­tive wheel rims made by spin­ning; Cold-rol­led sec­tions for supe­rior strength; Explo­sion-for­med heat exchan­ger pla­tes; Deep-drawn lock­nuts for wheel decora­tion

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