Stain­less Steel for Rain­wa­ter Goods and Access­ories

(Buil­ding Series, Vol. 8)

Intro­duc­tion: Func­tio­nal aspects of roof drai­nage, Roof drai­nage sys­tems ans an archi­tec­tu­ral fea­ture, Envi­ron­men­tal qua­li­ties; Choice of mate­rial: Chro­mium stain­less steels, Chro­mium-nickel stain­less steels, Chro­mium-nickel-molyb­de­num stain­less steels; Sur­face finis­hes: Stan­dard mill finis­hes, Stan­dard matt finis­hes, Brus­hed and polis­hed, Tin-coated, Bright annea­led, Colou­red; Areas of app­li­ca­tion: Roof geo­me­tries, Roof drai­nage sys­tems on bitu­men-felt roofs, Stain­less steel and his­to­ric monu­ments; Gui­de­lines for wor­king with stain­less steel: Tools and machi­nes, For­ming, Soft sol­de­ring, Adhe­sive bon­d­ing, fixings; Spe­cial access­ories; Clo­sing remarks

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