Public Spaces – Stain­less Steel in the Urban Envi­ron­ment

(Buil­ding Series, Vol. 16)

Intro­duc­tion; Trans­port and mobi­lity: Bus stop in Amo­re­bieta, Spain, Sainte-Cathe­rine Metro Sta­tion in Brus­sels, Bel­gium, Moving walk­ways in Vito­ria-Gas­teiz, Spain; Tech­ni­cal instal­la­ti­ons: Media Façade in Milan, Italy, Plaza del Torico in Teruel, Spain, Foun­tain in Milan, Italy, Ven­ti­la­tion towers in Lon­don, United King­dom; Con­nec­tion: A8ernA in Koog, Zaan­stad, The Nether­lands, Island in the Mur, Graz, Aus­tria; Divi­sion: Steel cur­tain in Wat­tens, Aus­tria, Police Sta­tion in Vienna, Aus­tria, “Cut­ting Edge” in Shef­field, United King­dom; Rege­ne­ra­tion: Gou­ver­nementsplein in Ber­gen op Zoom, The Nether­lands, Spiel­bu­den­platzin Ham­burg, Ger­many; Parks: Parc Dia­go­nal Mar in Bar­ce­lona, Spain, Parc de la Cigalière in Sérignan, France, Cir­cu­lar Beds in Wolfs­burg Castle Park, Ger­many; Fur­ther rea­ding

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