Guide to Stain­less Steel Finis­hes

(Buil­ding Series, Vol. 1)

Intro­duc­tion; Mill finis­hes; Mecha­ni­cally polis­hed and brus­hed finis­hes; Pat­ter­ned finis­hes; Bead-blas­ted finis­hes; Elec­tro-polis­hed finis­hes; Colou­red finis­hes: Elec­tro­ly­ti­cally colou­red finis­hes, Elec­tro­ly­ti­cally colou­red and pat­ter­ned finis­hes, Orga­nic coa­tings; Spe­cial decora­tive finis­hes; Annex A: Tech­ni­cal and prac­tical aspects; Annex B: EN 10088-2

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