Erec­tion and Instal­la­tion of Stain­less Steel Com­po­n­ents

(Buil­ding Series. Vol. 10)

Inft­ro­duc­tion; Site con­di­ti­ons; Erec­tion plan­ning: Gene­ral, Erec­tion method state­ment, Trial erec­tion; Sup­ports, anchors and bea­rings; Erec­tion drawings; Toleran­ces; Trans­por­ta­tion, hand­ling and sto­r­age: Ger­neal, Trans­por­ta­ti­ons, Hand­ling, Sto­r­age, Mar­king; Erec­tion methods; Site wel­ding; Sur­face pro­tec­tion; Clea­ning before han­do­ver; Dis­si­mi­lar metal con­tact; Clad­ding instal­la­tion: Sur­face con­sis­tency, Flat­ness, Cle­an­li­ness; Fas­te­ners; Refe­ren­ces

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